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What is this?

You already know there's a lot of information about Java on the Web. But where do you find what? Start right here:

This site is a collection of links to all sorts of Java information and resources, all neatly categorized. On-line documentation, downloadable documentation, book descriptions and reviews, sites with applets and source code, sites for various development environments now available (some free, some free betas, some commercial), on-line magazines, and so on.

Whether you're only interested in "sprucing up your Web site" or in writing complete stand-alone applications, or running Java on your web server, you should be able to find something useful or interesting here. And there should be something for beginners as well as more advanced Java programmers.

Want to keep up-to-date with the news? Then you'd better put a bookmark on the Java E-zines and Java News page.


Learning to program Java, references, what to program with, and more...

Java Development Software

Some of the books mentioned below come with a CD with the JDK (Java Development Kit) or other tools so you can start right away, but there are many development environments, with new ones appearing all the time. On this page, you'll find general information about Java development software as well as links to reviews.

Java FAQs, Java Tutorials and Java Courses

Of course, you don't have to start with a book when you want to learn Java. There are quite a few on-line tutorials, downloadable tutorials, FAQ's and courses available. You'll find the links to some of them on this page, so you could start right here!

Java Documentation

Ultimately, you can't program without good reference documentation to the API. A book like O'Reilly's "JAVA in a Nutshell" by David Flanagan helps a great deal (see the Printed books page!), but there's more. And the API is constantly updated. On this page you'll find the links for the documentation.

Java Bugs

Alas, there are bugs. How could there not be? Every piece of non-trivial software has bugs. Javasoft has documented some of them. There are also quite a few differences in how the Java Virtual Machine is implemented on various platforms and in several browsers, but there's not much information about that to be found on-line. Anyway, here's a collection of links to information about bugs in Java.


Here come the more advanced subjects: User interfaces, database programming with Java, and Java beans: Java components that can be hooked together.

User Interface: GUI and AWT

If you want to do more than using Java for animation and other nifty graphics for Web pages, you'll soon find yourself building applets with buttons, text fields, lists, and all the other various widgets that have become familiar in graphical user interfaces. Java provides the AWT (Abstract Windowing Toolkit) to support platform-independent GUI building. Go here for documentation about the AWT and GUI building in Java.

Java Database Access and JDBC

Here's a page with some information about database programming with Java, including JDBC (part of the API as of version 1.1) and vendors.


Java Beans are an important component technology. I've collected enough links now to give JavaBeans a page of its own: so here it is.

Java Back & Front

Information about tools to link Java at the server side to mainframe hosts or legacy systems, and front-end utilities at the client side to support Java.

Java Books and Java Book Reviews

This is what I myself started with: books. All of the books pages are cross-referenced and you can easily jump from one to the other.

Book lists and Book Reviews

Book reviews and links to other book lists can still be found on the main books page but may be moved to a page of their own as soon as the number of links warrants it.

Printed books

Most of the books referenced here can also be ordered on-line. Note that some of the books are even available on-line!

On-line books

Of course, if you spend a lot of time reading these books on-line, that might turn out to be more expensive than just buying the book... and you can scribble your own notes on paper.

CD-ROM books

Books where the main (often interactive) content is on CD-ROM though they may be accompanied by a book(let).

Book-related pages

On-line companions to printed books - from errata to source code and more.

Applets, applications and examples

One of the nice things about Java is that there's so much on-line already. Here are some links to sources and some great examples.

Applets and Java applications

There are a lot of applets available on-line, many of them free and with source code, that you can use as starting points for further programming or just plug into a page. Other, more advanced applets or classes are commercial, but sometimes you can look at a demo on-line or download an evaluation version. A lot of links to such material can be found on this page - including the page with my own very first applets and class.

Java Examples

Do you want to see some of the really advanced things that can be done with Java? Go here for inspiration: links to some exciting examples. This page now also sports the 7am News Ticker: a small applet from 7am News which brings the latest news headlines from all over the world.

Other Java people

Meet other people programming in Java, and look at the personal pages of some of the writers of the books mentioned in the Books section, or the developers of Java themselves.

Meet Other Java People

Go here for references to newsgroups, forums, and mail lists for people programming in Java, and exchange ideas and knowledge (or just lurk and learn).

Java People

Personal pages of some Java developers and book writers, and some background on some of them, like interviews.

... and More

Some hard to classify links (some of which are links collections themselves), papers and articles about Java, news, and more.

Other Java Resources

Do check these links: they were hard to classify, but some of them are great resources!

Java Papers and Articles

Some interesting papers and articles about Java that don't really fall under "news". Something for everyone, from introductions to Java to specialized technical subjects.

Java E-zines and Java News

Go here for news and on-line magazines devoted to Java.

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Backgound info

These pages are not really about Java but do provide some background information about this site.

Why is this?

Here you can find out how this site came to be. I didn't really plan it, you see. It sort of happened.

Java Man

OK, this is just for fun... I've named this site Java Woman (for, I hope, obvious reasons - if not: see the next section!) but there is (or rather was) a creature called Java Man. Here are some links to information about Java Man; the skull cap at the top of the page links to one of these sites as well...


Oh, is it not so obvious why this site is called Java Woman? And what is Taxon all about? On this page you'll find the answers, and even a little about me!

Awards and more

Here's where you can find my honorable mentions - like the listing in Gamelan's What's CoolMoved! on January 9, 1997. Thank you Gamelan!
All neatly together on their own page.

Tools Used

In case you're interested what I tools use to create and maintain Web sites, I've prepared a separate page with references to my favorite tools for creating and maintaining websites, and to keep track of statistics. All for the Windows NT platform but some of them also exist in a Windows 3.1x version. If you use either of these platforms go have a look!

Linking to Java Woman

All about linking to Java Woman: rules and tools. And I've really made it simple!



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